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The Centre for Development Research and Training (CDRT) is intended to fill a long-standing void in Public Administration by linking the training and development function on one side and policy research on the other.

The Centre:

- Identifies the training and development needs of Public Officers in the light of Government
  priorities and policy directions;

- Provides advice and support in relation to identifying and meeting training and development

- Designs and delivers training and development programmes that are accredited as and where
  appropriate, whether at vocational or higher levels;

- Enters into arrangements with the University of Malta and other institutions for the purpose of
  such accreditation;

- Carries out research on Public Administration issues in particular those that give rise to
  training and development needs.

-Facilitates the implementation of corporate projects in the fields of Human Resources Management, Human Resources Development, employee support and wellbeing.


  • Leadership Workshops for Senior Managers


    CDRT is proud to launch a new programme for officials in Headship positions, specifically Permanent Secretaries, Directors General and Directors within the Public Service.

  • CDRT Training Tender


  • Prospectus 2014


    Courses for 2014


  • June 2014

    1.6.2014 till 30.6.2014

  • May 2014

    1.5.2014 till 31.5.2014

  • April 2014

    1.4.2014 till 30.4.2014